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ECG Monitor/Interpretation



LCD monitor, 3-6-12 channels channels in Standard or Cabrera format with base line setting
High resolution thermal printer (8 dots/mm): hardcopy 3-6-12 channels real time with possibility to print a millimetric grid
Manual or automatic recording
Image freeze with memory scrolling for reviewing and hard copy of acquired signals (Memory 10 seconds for each lead)
Digital filters for elimination of muscle tremors, power line and base line noises.
Pacemaker detection
Power supply by built-in high capacity Ni-Cd batteries and fast charging time
Technical Specifications
Power supply: internal rechargeble Ni-Cd batteries
AC/DC adapter: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz; 200mA
Battery autonomy: 2.5 hours
Applied part: CF type
Input impedance: > 100 Mohm
Frequency response: 0.05: 145hz
Cmrr: > 100 dB Time constant: > 3.2 s
Acquisition: 12 bit 800 samples/sec/channel-isochrome
Leads: 12 standard or Cabrera
Sensitivity: 5mm/mV; 10mm/mV; 20mm/mV ±5%
Scrolling speed: 5mm/s; 10mm/s; 25mm/s; 50mm/s
Signal memory: 10s for each lead
Printer: thermal printer 8 dots/mm, paper 58 mm (3M) 110 mm (6M).
Filters: muscles tremors 35Hz digital; power line interferences 50-60 Hz
digital; high pass 0,5Hz digital
Defibrillation protection: internal
Display/Hardcopy: 3/6/12 channel (6M)
Size 240 x 160 x 65 mm

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