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Emergency Trolley



A multifunctional and revolutionary line ofcarts with innovative design, superior quality and complete accessories.

Made in Baydur® polyurethane
Baydur® Polyurethane is a high performance material that combines the best characteristics of plastics and metals. Light, sturdy, high resistance to scratching and impact. Resistant to UV rays. Chemical inert, doesn’t react to acids, organic and inorganic, alkali and solvents (DIN 68861/1). Fire resistant, self-extinguishing (Class I, UL94 V-O). Non-toxic, in case of combustion it doesn’t produce dioxin.

The Aurion trolleys are ergonomic, modular, highly customizable and upgradable over the years. The handles are moulded and integrated into the body as well as the worktop that has large surface and perimetrical anti-drip containing rim. Every drawer is equipped with a label holder.

Easy to move
Lightweight structure combined with the high quality non marking and anti corrosion castors. Every wheel is mounted on ball bearings with sealed lubrification (2 per wheel), 3 with brake, 1 antistatic.

Hygienic and safe
he smoothly shaped design, without edges, guarantees safety to the user and avoids dirty and bacterial accumulation points. Easy to clean and disinfect also with aggressive detergents.

Safe and secure
All-around soft rubber bumper help to avoid damages to hospital staff, patients, objects or to the trolley itself. Central locking device with key with seal.

Size: 775 x 710 x h 920 mm.

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