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ESA Opiate/Amphetamine Substance testing/Ampoules


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All colour changes begin within just a few seconds. In all cases, the colour will be fully developed after a minimum of one minute. A further lapse of time produces a gradual deepening of the colour. The evaluation of the test should therefore take place after no longer than three minutes. If opium or its derivatives (heroin, morphine) are present in the sample to be analysed, a change from colourless to red/violet-blue occurs. In the presence of amphetamines, a red-orange colour which gradually changes to brown will develop. If MDMA (ecstasy) is present in the sample being analysed, a colour from white to dark purple/black occurs.

Made in Germany:

Package contents:
10 ampoules substance test OPI/AMP
10 spatulas
1 instruction manual
Easy handling and easy reading
Detailed product description
No hazardous ingredients
Environmentally friendly


Professional Use Only/Image for Demonstration purposes only

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