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Fern and fern allies



Primitive ferns (Psilophytatae):

1(d). Psilotum, rhizome showing protostele t.s.
2(d). Psilotum, stem showing squamous leaves, aktinostele t.s. Clubmosses (Lycopodiatae)
3(c). Lycopodium, of stem showing plectostele t.s.
4(e). Lycopodium, of strobilus showing isospores t.s.
5(c). Selaginella, stem showing siphonostele t.s. Horse-tails (Equisetatae)
6(c). Equisetum, stem t.s.
7(d). Equisetum, strobilus showing spores t.s.
8(b). Equisetum, w.m. of spores with elaters Ferns (Filicatae)
9(c). Aspidium, root t.s.
10(c). Aspidium, stem t.s.
11(d). Aspidium, leaf showing sori t.s.

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