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Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer with case



Product information “Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer with case”
Freddie Fistula was developed to provide health care providers and medical educators with a realistic skills trainer to facilitate instruction and practice in the management of open abdominal wounds with active fistulas. Open abdominal wounds with actively draining fistula present a complex wound care challenge that requires that multiple wound care modalities are utilized to control fistula effluent and allow for optimal wound healing. Freddie Fistula Wound Care Skills Trainer incorporates an innovative design with a realistic open abdominal wound with exposed intestines and three actively draining fistulas. A central stomatized fistula is easily observed, while both the non-stomatized and hidden fistulas are not readily observable and add to the complexity of identifying the source of effluent flow and the ability to manage drainage, while employing various wound dressing materials and techniques (such as negative pressure wound therapy). Any combination of the three fistulas can be opened to permit effluent flow, while the integral base of the trainer is designed with a tray that can contain up to 700ml of fluid. The Freddie Fistula Skills Trainer helps to build competency and confidence in this challenging wound care scenario by allowing the user to employ some of the latest wound treatments and techniques. Included with the Freddie Fistula trainer is a support rod to hold the 500ml effluent fluid bag, a drainage tube, a bottle of effluent fluid concentrate and 3-way, color-coded tubing sets with pinch clamps

Size: 46 x 41 x 13 cm, weight: 4 kg

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