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Handrail kit with folding patient seat for a MWA wheelchair platform scale 300K-1M



2 Handrail with folding patient seat, for self-assembly on the MWA 300K-1M, wheelchair platform scale, Factory Option, please order when ordering your balance, fitting it at a later date is not possible
With the two practical handrails of the integrated folding patient seat, you can easily convert the wheelchair platform scale into a multi-functional scale. This way patients can be weighed standing up, with support from the handrail or in a comfortable seated position. If you fold the patient seat up, then a wheelchair can be pushed or driven onto the scale. The strut rod included with delivery ensures a high level of stability and torsional rigidity. The drive-through protection which is also fitted as standard for the front wheels of the wheelchair gives an extra level of safety

Stand height 1125 mm
Dimension (W×D×H) 470×310×460 mm
Stand rotatable
Material steel, lacquered

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