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Human Brain Multiple Frontal Sections



Product information “Human Brain Multiple Frontal Sections”
The Human Brain in Multiple Frontal (Coronal) Sections offers an innovative way to study the structure of the brain. Because of the three-dimensional characteristics of the adult brain, the appearance of gross neuronal structures differs depending on the plane of section. Current diagnostic tests available allow for various views of structures in the same patient. Given that neurologic anatomical markers are often used to confirm suspected diagnoses, students in Health Sciences must become adept at deciphering neurologic structures from various views. Until recently, proper models of the human brain in frontal (coronal) sections have not been available. We are proud to offer the Human Brain in frontal (coronal) section, which has been created in consultation with Cara Davies, Ph.D. Discreet built-in magnets and push-fit mating surfaces make it easy to fit and hold sections of the brain firmly together.

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