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Laparoscopic Trainer


The T12 Soft is a complete Laparoscopic Trainer minimally invasive training system that does not require video equipment, simple to set up and portable. The soft skin is 15mm thick to practice placement and insertion of trochars.

The T12 Soft includes

  • Insufflated *Belly
  • Monitor Stand (monitor not included)
  • Advanced 0° SimScope™ (camera is a NTSC signal)
  • Scope Holder.

The Belly has a slide-out drawer, interior lighting and 9 ports.
The Advanced 0° SimScope™ has excellent resolution; Easy-to-Adjust Focus is located at the end of the shaft.

Diameter Measures 9.5mm, Length 220mm.

The T12 Series is designed to be used for team training as well a a one-person work station.


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