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LED colposcope



Easy to use LED colposcope mounted on a 5 wheels base (Ø 41 cm).

The Colpy Gima Colposcope provides a stereo vision that allows both diagnosis and operation. The high optical quality of the lenses ensures a considerable depth of field and a clear view of all details, avoiding the risk of eyestrain with the benefit of a thorough and reliable diagnosis. Thanks to the interchangeable wide-field eyepieces, S1 covers the full range of all magnifications utilised in the colposcopy practice maintaining a long working distance. The 45° inclined binocular head respects the ergonomic viewing, while the inspection of the most internal details is ensured by a solar spectrum LED lighting. This colposcope does not use lamp and light guide so there is no maintenance costs. There is no fan so it does not produce neither noise nor heat. It uses only 10%

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