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male/Female Pervis Bundle



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Male Pelvis Model with Ligaments, 2 part: This 2-part model is a natural cast of a male, bone pelvis. It shows all anatomical structures in detail: both hip bones, pubic symphisis, sacrum and coccyx as well as the fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc. A median section has been placed through the fifth lumbar vertebra, the sacrum and the coccyx, so that the pelvis, which is connected by practical magnets, can be split easily into two halves. This means that part of the cauda equina is also visible in the vertebral canal.
Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, 3 part: This anatomically detailed model is a great way to teach and learn the anatomy of the human female pelvis. This life size three part model represents an original cast of a bony female pelvis with ligaments. A midsagital section through the fifth lumbar vertebra, sacrum and coccyx, allow both halves of the pelvis to be disassembled revealing a part of the cauda equina in the vertebral canal. The left half of the fifth lumbar vertebra is removable..

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