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Multi-Functional Shower Chair Antibacterial easy clean/washable


This New Multifunctional Shower Chair is designed to facilitate assisted
transport and personal hygiene of disabled and
elderly people in community healthcare
environments. This chair can be used as a seat
for showering the patient; it is equipped with a
pail to serve as an independent WC or can be
moved over WCs of the healthcare facility.
Finally, it can be used as a comfortable room
Seat and backrest are made of comfortable and
hypoallergenic PUR foam. This is a noticeable advantage
over seats made of a padded upholstery. Even in case of
wear and tear the closed-cell structure of PUR foam
prevents water from penetrating the seat and backrest,
thus avoiding mould growth.
Seat and backrest can be easily removed without tools;
during the washing routine, the backrest can be
temporarily removed to facilitate the caregiver’s access to
the patient’s back.
The chair frame is entirely made of the best furniture
grade PVC. The addition of titanium dioxide in the PVC
compound results in a better appearance by giving it a
UV-stable, glossy-white nish; it also enhances
mechanical resistance and provides specic antibacterial
Components are assembled using a PVC-base glue,
resulting in a true chemical welding: once the parts are
joined together, the frame becomes a single piece,
extremely solid, rigid and sturdy.
Compared to coated metal chairs,

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