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Multi-Use Cytotoxic Drug Spills Kit



Spills of cytotoxic drugs present special problems on Wards, in Oncology Departments or in the Pharmacy during preparation.

However these problems can be overcome simply and safely by using Guest Medical Multi-Use Cytotoxic Drugs Spills Kit. The kit contains everything required for both liquid and powder spillages in one case that can be carried to the site where it is needed.

The kit contains inert CT-Zorb Granules which will quickly and efficiently absorb all the moisture of a liquid spillage, thus containing the spill and preventing it spreading further. The granule-spill mixture can then be easily collected using the Guest Medical Scoops and Scrapers for disposal according to local procedure or regulations. Absorbent pads provide a simple method for collecting powder spillages when used with the sterile saline pods provided in the kit.

Replacement CT-Zorb Granules are available in cartons of 12 shakers.


2 shakers of CT-Zorb Granules
3 Hazard Scoops and Scrapers
3 disposable tweezers
3 absorbent pads
3 sterile saline pods
6 detergent wipes
3 cytotoxic waste disposal bags
3 bag ties
3 pairs long cuff nitrile gloves
3 protective disposable gowns
3 pairs overshoes
3 FFP3 face masks
Reusable goggles (BS EN 166 conformant)
Warning sign
Full instructions for use

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