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Muscular Figure, 30 Parts, 85 cm


Product information “Muscular Figure, 30 Parts, 85 cm”
This 1/2 life size high quality model represents a replica of the complete human muscular and organs anatomy. It illustrates with excellent detail the superficial and deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and body structures. The internal organs are removable for closer examination to study the relationships among all the body structures.
The following organs can be removed:
– Brain, 2 part
– Heart, 2 part
– 2 Lungs
– Stomach
– Liver
– Pancreas, duodenum, spleen
– Intestines
Skull cap, Arms and belly cover can be removed; the following muscles
can be removed:
– masseter muscle
– deltoid muscle
– biceps brachii muscle
– flexor carpi ulnaris muscle, palmaris longus muscle, flexor carpi radialis muscle
– extensor carpi ulnaris muscle, extensor digitorum muscle
– sartorius muscle
– rectus femoris muscle
– adductor longus muscle
– gluteus maximus muscle
– gluteus minimus muscle
– biceps femoris muscle, semitendinosus muscle
– gastrocnemius muscle
– soleus muscle
– tibialis anterior muscle
Supplied with stand.

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