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New Item: Equine Simulator


Product information “Equine Simulator 1.0”
? When looking to practice more advanced procedures for equine care, our Equine Simulator 1.0 provides students with many training opportunities. This comprehensive model will allow you to train on the following procedures: Intra-muscular Injections, Nasolacrimal Duct Flush, Placement of Subpalpebral Lavage System, Eye Nerve Blocks – Auriculopalpebral and Supraorbital Nerve, Teethe Nerve Blocks – Mental, Maxillary, and Infraorbital Nerve, Jugular Blood Draw and Catheter Insertion, Deep Facial Blood Draw, Transverse Facial Artery Blood Draw and Catheter Insertion. Included with your Equine Vascular Access Simulator is a 1000mL IV Bag and Artificial Blood Powder as well as instructions for set-up, maintenance, and use of the model.

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