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New: Multifunctional Cart/ Available Configuration





Medical procedure and supply carts can improve patient outcomes by having all the supplies well-organized. They have a wide variety of detachable accessories and internal modular add-ons, making them ideal for use in residences, clinics, and hospitals.

Procedure cart has the following characteristics:

5 available models (depending on storage capacity)
Adapted to modular ISO 600X400 according to ISO 3394
Large internal storage capacity
Robust, lightweight, and easy to handle
Resistant to chemicals and easy to clean
Side-opening shutter door with key lock
Ergonomic lateral push handle
Trays can be tilted while being extracted

Well suited for hospitals, nursing homes, and for all healthcare workers.

We have a wide range of trays, baskets, bins to configure the interior of the supply cart, according to use. There are also different accessories to complement the trolley, such as glove holders, waste bins, consumable holders.

Trays can be tilted while are being removed.

Procedure carts are made of the following materials:

Top plane on three raised sides ABS/PC
Phenolic walls (moisture-resistant material)
Internal walls with ABS guides for storage
Anodized aluminum profiles.
Compacmel base
Fireproof PVC rolling shutters door
Rolling door with side opening and key lock(option to electronic lock).

4 wheels Ø 125mm, 2 of them with locking to keep static. Optional: directionals, antistatics or specials wheels.

The wheels are hardness of the tread and have plastic bumpers.

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