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The sturdy frame is made of profiled aluminium tubing (40 x 20 mm),
The aluminium frame has the advantage of a very low weight. The detailed weight information for each screen may be found in the price tables in the product catalogue on pages 110-111.
The individual panels are joined by two galvanized hinges which can be folded in both directions. For safety and stability reasons, the panels should be set up at an angle of approx. 135° at all times.
The panels made of 3 mm thick, impact resistant and easy-to-clean PVC rigid foam boards. The even, micro-cell foam structure is uniformly coloured, flame retardant and resistant to repeated disinfectant use.
The privacy screen panels are available in the following colours: yellow, red, blue, green, grey, white, and black. The panel colours can be combined as desired, at no extra charge. Please specify upon ordering.

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