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New Three LED Light Sources with coinciding Lenses



Three LED light sources with coinciding lenses and polycarbonate protection shield. Thanks to three independent light sources, shadows can be reduced and provide a deep cylindrical light with highly reduced heat irradiation.
Each LED integrates a resistance to ensure the continuous operation of the lamp even in the rare case of a LED fault.

The new design makes the lamp extremely easy to use and manoeuvre, with an additional rotation of the reflector.

Touch control
The light intensity can be adjusted through the touch button, a smooth touch of the control allows to regulate the light intensity from 4% to 100%.

Interchangeable plugs
The transformer, integrated in the plug for a lighter and smooth movements of the arm structure, is supplied with interchangeable plugs (UK, US, EU).

Flexible arm
The flexible arm ensures easier light positioning and is covered with a smooth white shrink-wrap sheath for easier cleaning and disinfection.

Made in Italy.
Technical Specifications
Type of lighting: LED
Consumption (Watt): 8
Life of the bulbs (hours): > 60,000
Light intensity at 50 cm (lux): 60,000
Light intensity at 1 m (lux): 20,000
Colour temperature ± 5% at 1 m (K): 4,500
Colour rendering index (Ra)%: 94
Light field size at 50 cm (Ø mm): 150
External Ø of the reflector (mm): 96
Colour: white
Norms: IEC 60601-1
Marks: CE 93/42
Weight (kg): 5
Operating voltage V 100-230
Operating Hz 50/60

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