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“Newborn Care- and Emergency Manikin”


Product information “Newborn Care- and Emergency Manikin”
This manikin provides everything for basic care and emergency care of a newborn. The full body manikin has airways with esophagus, bronchi and lungs as well as a umbilical cord. It can also be used to practice chest compressions.
– Full body manikin of a four week old newborn
– Basic neonatal care
– Positioning, hygiene (not for bathing practice)
– Palpation of the anterior fontanel
– Clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord and care.
– Functional umbilical cord for catheterization and blood sampling
– Tube feeding (nasal and oral), confirmation of position by auscultation
– Reanimation
– Endotracheal intubation, training of Airway Management with realistic anatomy with bronchi, allowing for confirmation of unilateral ventilation.
– Bag-Mask-Ventilation
– Chest compressions
Size: 50cm, Weight: 2kg
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