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Nursing doll Keiko



Product information “Nursing doll Keiko”

This nursing doll offers all training opportunities for basic patient care and has soft limbs with invisible joints at knee, ankle, elbow and wrist.
The complete training opportunities include:

– General patient positioning, re-positioning, assistance for getting up and for wheelchair access.
– Passive physiotherapy
– Body hygiene, washing, nappy change, skin care
– Decubitus care (heel, great trochanter, sacrum and shoulder)
– Dressing and undressing
– Hair care (wig)
– Oral and dental hygiene
– Gastric probe insertion, PEG
– Nasotracheal intubation (Tube insertion)
– Airway suctioning
– Tracheostomy care / tube change
– Attachment of stoma bag
– CVC care / explanation
– Catheterization male / female (without liquid)
– Enema insertion (without liquid)
– Oxygen inhalation
– Suppository insertion
– Postmortem care

The model has a high quality finish and is sturdy. It is perfect for daily use in schools.

Size: 149 cm, Weight: 15 kg

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