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Obesity Simulation suit, male



Product information “Obesity Simulation suit, male”
With this new kind of suit student understand the perniciousness and painfulness of daily life with overweight and adipositas playful and easy. Our professional „Fatsuit“ represents this condition impressive and effective. This new acquired prospect supports the appreciation for the situation as well as points out the special needs of overweighed people. The field of application for the Professional adipositas trainer PAT is almost unlimited. It supports you in your work with overweighed people, can be used for prevention programs and graphically displays the effects of being overweighed on the students own body.
PAT offers you:
Gaining body weight within seconds. Adjustable in steps of 230 g, gradable up to max. 30 kg additional weight (which is an extreme experience since there is no slow increase)
Gaining body volume, especially at preferred localizations like breast, belly, buttocks, thighs and upper arms
The standard supply of PAT Professional Adipositas Trainer consists of:
Weighted vest with variable weight. Standard comes with a total weight of 9kg, can be extended to maximum 18kg
Weighted trousers with variable weight. Standard comes with a total weight 4,5 kg, can be extended to maximum 9 kg.
Weight of vest will fit trousers and opposite.
Volume suit, washable, including outer wear.
Rugged trolley bag for transport and storage (volume suit is stored outside)
Instructions for use
Male version.

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