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Obstetric Training Simulator, Complete Set



Product information “Obstetric Training Simulator, Complete Set”
This obstetric simulator provides the opportunity to train the whole birth procedure. A birth stages module for palpation of the cervix, a delivery module for learning manual assistance during birth and a perineal repair module make the complete set a perfect choice.
– This model has an innovative new vulva material which excels in elasticity, durability and resilience.
– Module for cervix examination
– Birth module including 5 stages of cervical dilatation
– Anatomical landmarks (Iliac spine, pubic symphysis)
– Anterior fontanel to determine the fetal position
– Possibility for speculum examination
– Possibility to perform a Pap smear test
– Insertion of a bladder catheter can be practiced
– Module for delivery assistance
– Anatomically correct vaginal canal, iliac spine, pubic symphysis and coccyx
– Different birth positions can be simulated
– Perineal protection can be practiced
– Forceps and vaccum delivery are possible
– Clamping, tying and cutting of umbilical cord are possible
– Delivery of placenta is possible
– Insertion of bladder catheter is possible
– Module for perineal repair
– Repeated training of first degree perineal tear repair
– Training of single interupted and vertical mattress suture

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