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Compact pulse oximeter for hospital and rescue applications to monitor SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index(PI). SpO2 can be displayed in numbers with bar-graph of pulse as well as full display of plethysmogam. Includes adult SpO2 sensor and extension cable.

high accuracy and repeatability
visual and audible alarm, with adjustable limits
384-hours data storage and review (with 1/2/4/8 sec.)
automatic power-off

Manual: GB, FR, IT, ES, PT.
Technical Specifications
Oxygen saturation range: 35% to 100%
Pulse rate range: 30 bpm to 240 bpm
Perfusion index (PI) range: 0.2% to 20%
Display: oxygen saturation, pulse rate, pulse strength, low battery indicator, perfusion index
SpO2 accuracy: not greater than 3% for SpO2 range from 70% to 100%
Accuracy defined as root-mean-square value of derivation according to ISO 9919
Pulse accuracy: ± 2% of full scale
Range alarm setting:
SpO2 upper limit: 95%
SpO2 lower limit: 85%
pulse rate upper limit 100 – 240 bpm
pulse rate lower limit 30 – 60 bpm
Power requirements: 3 alkaline AA size batteries 4.5 V continuous working time >30 hours
Dimensions: 145 x 74 x 29 mm
Weight: 210 g

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