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Patient Dermatoscope/Bringing Dermatology to you




The DermLite HÜD™ dermatoscope enables patients to monitor their skin independently. Made by the most reputable brand in skin diagnostics, the DermLite HÜD™ is the latest and greatest tool in the fight against skin cancer. The dermatologist-grade lens attaches to any smartphone camera and allows crystal clear, highly magnified photos to be taken of moles or other skin lesions. The HÜD™ is an effective way of tracking the health of your skin and sharing changes to moles and lesions with your dermatologist.

Once you receive your HÜD™ download the First Derm companion app, available on iOS or Android. The app is designed to educate you on what to look out for in regards to skin cancer. It is also a convenient way of tracking and storing your HÜD images. When you want a spot evaluated, send it in to First Derm’s network of board-certified dermatologists for review. The dermatologist will let you know if the mole requires a biopsy or if it’s nothing to worry about.

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