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Pregnancy Model Set, 9 models”

Pregnancy Model Set, 9 models”

Pregnancy Model Set, 9 models"



Product information ”
This series was developed in co-operation with a German midwifery school and is composed of 8 life-size models and one enlarged model. It illustrates the human development from the 4th week to the 24th week. All the main anatomical structures of the uterus and embryo/fetus are well represented and explained on the manual.
The models show:
Embryo, 4 weeks, enlarged
Embryo in uterus, 4 weeks
Embryo in uterus, 8 weeks
Fetus in uterus, 12 weeks
Fetus in uterus, 16 weeks
Fetus in uterus, transverse presentation, 24 weeks
Twins in uterus, 2 separate placentas, 16 weeks
Twins in uterus, 1 common placenta, 16 weeks
Each model is mounted on a removable stand. Some models allow removable of the fetus.

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