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Professional Height Adjustable Patient Trolley with TR/RTR


PATIENT TROLLEY – with adjustable height, TR and RTR

Stylish sturdy and comfortable trolley with innovative design.
Adjustable height by means of hydraulic pump with pedal placed on both sides. Lateral sides, easy and fast to fold.
The upper wire mesh is removable to guarantee a better hygiene.
Equipped with push handles, 4 bumpers at the corners and a universal hold-cylinder.
Reclinable cushion by two racks easily actuated by the grip handle.

Wheels 200 mm diam. with total and simultaneous central brake; one of 4 wheels is equipped with directional brake; activated by means of 4 lateral pedals.
The joints of the structure rotate on self-lubricating sintered threaded inserts. The trolley can reach the Trendelenburg (-10°) and anti-Trendelenburg (+10°) position very quickly thanks to a handle placed on the upper lateral side: it activates a gas spring (600N) that allows millimetric adjustability.
The entire structure, in rectangular and round tubular is epoxy painted in grey and white colour.

Size: 199x76xh 52/87 cm (without mattress).
Load: 130 kg.
Weight: 90 kg

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