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Professional Human Heart Model/3D Version

“Heart model “professional””

"Heart model "professional""



Product information “Heart model “professional””
2-times life size heart model is based on CT scan data of a healthy, adult male and is anatomically correct inside and out.

Reproduced sections: (external & luminal surfaces) right atrium, left atrium / right ventricle, left ventricle / aorta /superior & inferior vena cava / pulmonary vein / coronary artery, veins (luminal) mitral valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve, pulmonary valve / papillary muscle / coronary sinus.

The model is pliable which allows seeing all internal structures. For easy examination a scalpel can be used on the model for opening requested areas.

Uses of the model:
– A simulator for practice in coronary artery bypass grafting or other surgery
– A catheterization simulator (coronary arteries are hollow)
– Educational model for learning surgery skills

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