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Shoe Isolation Device



Easy to use automatic shoe isolation covering suitable for all types and sizes of footwear.
It helps to reduce microbial spread in surgical and operating environments.
The device applies a made-to-measure thermo reactive film, which completely wraps around the shoe, ensuring an isolating protective barrier.

ORMA is controlled by a microprocessor chip, with programmable controls and commands (power: maximum 1.300W, standby 75W).

An optional support is available to help keep balance during application.
Voltage frequency: 220 ±5% V – 50 Hz.

Multilingual manual: GB, FR, IT.

Orma automatically creates the shoe cover When shoe is placed in the chamber, the heating system is activated and creates a cover, following shoe contours. This generates a completely isolating shoe protective barrier.
Covers are waterproof and don’t impede movement.

Size: 80 x 44.5 x 33 cm

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