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Skull model, 3 parts – EZ Augmented Anatomy


Product information “Skull model, 3 parts – EZ Augmented Anatomy”

Developing this lifelike reproduction of a human skull we have used the latest technology to digitalize a real human skull and idealized it under the aspects of medical education. This means the skull was adjusted to be anatomically ideal, all anatomical details and structures are present and correspond to anatomical teaching. The three part model consists of skull base, skull cap and lower jaw. The teeth correspond with real dentition concerning position and embrasure. The lower jaw is movably mounted and can be removed. The skull cap is aligned with the skull base using metal pins and held by strong magnets. Due to this there is no need for disturbing hooks, no plastic pins that could break and no risk of having a gap between skull cap and skull base. This distinguishes the model from competitor’s skulls with plastic pins and disturbing metal hooks. The model corresponds with an average European adult concerning size and proportions. Due to modern production technologies and high production volume this very successful model can be offered at a very reasonable price, so everyone can afford this extraordinary model.

Size: 18 x 19 x 12 cm, weight: 0.7 kg

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