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Special needs Infant, male



Product information “Special needs Infant, male”
Special needs infants require specific yet gentle care which includes the performance of vital medical procedures. This newborn-size infant allows health care facilities and medical staff to teach special procedures and develop a nursing care plan for special needs infants. The Special Needs Infant was developed for a wide range of educational training, including beginning nursing students. Medical devices that can be used include: tracheostomy tube and suction catheter, gastrostomy tube, nasogastric tube, and urethral catheter. Other general cares that may be practiced include: bathing, diapering, and various dressing changes. Carrying bag included. Tracheostomy and gastrostomy tubes not included.
Procedures that can be practiced include:
Tracheostomy care (placement and suctioning) – size 3 mm
Gastrostomy care (lavage and gavage) – size 14 FR
Nasogastric care (placement, lavage, gavage, and suctioning) – size 8 FR or smaller
Urethra catheterization (insertion, placement, and care) – size 8 FR
Colostomy stoma (basic care purposes only)
Male version.

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