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Spirodoc Spirometer/Oximeter/Winspro Software



One touch laboratory for respiratory analysis suitable for professional and personal use.

Complete spirometer ATS/ERS compliant
Speclalist-Ievel analysis, screening and Home-care monitoring. It has been developed with various operation modes: “advanced” parameters for the specialist, “reduced” set of parameters for screening as well as a “simplified” version for Home-care operation. FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, PRE-POST. Precise spirometry interpretation including post bronchodilator. All tests are automatically memorized. Automatic BTPS conversion. Memory capacity: 10.000 tests. Wide selection of predicted values.

Intelligent pulse oximeter with on-screen results
Simple, clear SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements with plethysmographic curve. During the single six-minute walk test (6 MWT), Spirodoc® estimates the level of oxygen therapy required by the patient. Spirodoc® carries out sleep desaturation studies and memorizes events as well as body position.

3D Accelerometer with motion analysis
Spirodoc® is the first 3D Oximeter® incorporating a triaxial motion sensor to correlate the saturation level (%SpO2) with physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis and VMU).

Home-care symptoms diary
Fast on-screen symptoms entry. Touch screen with settable questions and automatic answer recording for homecare patient use (eDiary).

High performance PC software for spirometry and oximetry
All tests memorized in Spirodoc® are automatically downloaded into WinspiroPRO and a patient data card is created with a preview of the spirometry curve. WinspiroPRO can easily be connected to a database, EPR, hospital or occupational health system. This software also gives trend graphs of any parameter. All stored tests and curves of every patient can be reviewed on a single page and the results, including oximetry tests, can be compared.

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