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Suture Training Arm



The realistic anatomy of the Suture Training Arm offers the possibility for suture training that is a lot more complex than with regular suture pads. Given its movable hand and fingers, even challenging sutures in hard to reach places like between the fingers can be practiced. Both the skin and the subcutaneous tissue are represented for a life-like suturing experience.

The instructor can inflict wounds independently wherever needed on the arm. Their size and form can be customised, leaving room for a large variety of training possibilities. Additionally, each wound can be sutured several times, making this trainer very economic and suitable even for larger skill training classes.
Movable fingers for suture training of challenging wounds between fingers
Skin and subcutaneous tissue differentiated for realistic suture experience
Wounds can be inflicted by instructor anywhere on the training arm
Each cut can be sutured several times
Surgical staples procedure possible

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