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The Holiotomy



The Holiotomy™ was designed by Kate O’Hanlan MD, for the LIGO Course to use inside the 3-Dmed T3 or T5 MITS to accomplish the Holiotomy™ Challenge. The “Holiotomy™” is marked with dots on each side, which surgeons must suture through in placing three “figure of N’s”and then tie each with four square knots. Surgeons complete two Holiotomies™ in this fashion. The third Holiotomy™ is comprised by an initial simple stitch, tied with four knots, and then run through each of the dots to the end, and then tied four knots backon the last pass. Surgeons completing all three Holiotomies™ will have completed 32 square knots and made 18 suture passes (pack of 25).

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