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The Led Podoscope



The LED Podoscope with polarized light allows operators to observe the foot plant highlighting the points with the heaviest pressure. The patient stands on the methacrylate platform, an excellent light conductor, provided with an inner light source to detect variations of colour intensity on the foot plant, corresponding to higher or lower plant charge.

Highly resistant, easy maintenance
The Podoscope with polarized light has been designed for a long lasting duration. High-quality material and components, serial assembly and control checks constantly performed during production and at final test, provide superior accuracy. Its structure is resilient and can bear charges up to 135 kgs – 297 lbs. Its green-light LED has a life of 25,000 hours (duration indicated by the manufacturer).

Easy to use, light and practical
The podoscope becomes operative at once simply switching it on. Just after the patient has stepped on it, in real time you can proceed with the study. The device is meant to be practical and easy to use. Since methacrylate is light and resistant at the same time, the device can be comfortably moved from a place to another, also thanks to its limited dimensions. The step is low: 22 cm from ground level, so that even elderly patients can easily step on it.

Multilanguage manual: GB, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE.
Technical Specifications
Capacity: 135 kg – 297 lbs
Dimensions: 43.5×42.5xh 22 cm – 17.12×16.75×8.67 inches
Weight: 8 kg – 17.63 lbs
Operating voltage: 220 V-50/60 Hz – Schuko plug (British plug available on request)
Green light LED stripe with 25,000 hours of life

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