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THORAXIS Thoracic Neuraxial Simulator”


Product information “THORAXIS Thoracic Neuraxial Simulator”

The THORAXIS Thoracic Neuraxial Simulator is the ideal training simulator for common neuraxial blocks. The ultrasound compatible model contains anatomical structures found in the thoracic region and realistic dural puncture similar to a human patient. With the realistic loss of resistance and fluid filled intrathecal space users are able to locate the correct target sites. THORAXIS forms the basis of your thoracic neuraxial training.

– Spinal space (fluid filled tubing simulates dural click and CSF confirmation).
– Epidural space (simulate LOR technique).
– Vertebral bodies (locate interspace with visible and palpable spinous processes).
– Ligamentum flavum (tough and gritty texture provides realistic tactile feel).
– Scapular Angles (Superior and inferior angles of scapula serve as anatomical landmarks).

Training Techniques:
– Epidural LOR (Identify Epidural Loss of Resistance)
– Catheter Placement (Insert Epidural & Spinal Catheters)
– Ultrasound Compatible (Increase Ultrasound Competency)

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