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Torso Dual Sex Open Back/27 Parts



A complete life size torso with open back is composed of 27 parts and provides an exceptionally realistic reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail.
All of the body systems are represented with full accessibility. Significant structures are numbered and referenced on the accompanying key and many additional features are included in the CD-ROM Guide.
This model is without question a valuable addition to any biology or anatomy course.
The open back exposes muscular layers as well as the vertebral column and associated nerve branches.
A thoracic vertebra, including a section of spinal cord, is removable for close examination of its anatomical details.
The head is open and the brain is fully exposed on one side.
The neck is dissected to expose muscular, neural, vascular and glandular structures.
The dissectible male and female urogenital systems are interchangeable.
Removable structures include the following:
– Eye with optic nerve and extraocular
– Half of the brain, divided
along the longitudinal fissure, showing
internal structures and blood vessels
– Trachea
– Descending thoracic
aorta and esophagus
– Right and left lungs (2 parts each), showing the bronchial tree and vasculature
– Liver with gallbladder
– Half of one kidney sectioned along the frontal plane, showing
the internal structure and vessels
– Two part heart with clear depiction of atria, ventricles, valves and section of heart wall
– Stomach dissected in 2 parts pancreas, duodenum and spleen
with vessels and ducts
– Small and large intestines with removable cover over portion
of caecum
– Male and female urogenital
systems (4 parts each), sectioned to provide excellent views of internal elements
– Thoracic vertebra (T12) with spinal cord.
Technical Specifications
• Size: 23 x 33 h 90 cm
• Weight: 9.3 kg
• Parts: 27

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