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Veinspy Hand Held Vein Finder


Veinspy™ is a portable vein finder for easy visualisation of veins in adult, pediatric, geriatric, obese and dark skin patients with difficult venous access.

It works on transverse illumination technology: light beams from a circular LED array penetrate the skin and act as a light source to achieve deep illumination of subcutaneous tissues.

The veins in the illuminated area absorb the light and become prominent as dark lines.
The Veinspy™ device consist of two sets of coloured LEDs: one set emits orange light optimal for superficial veins, another set emits red light to find deeper veins.

Advantages of the Veinspy™:
– reduces multiple needle prick and improves site selection for needle insertion
– no treatment delay due to difficult venous access
– reduces patient pain due to needle insertion
– increases patient comfort, avoids hematoma

How to use VeinSpy™
1- Wipe the area of the patient’s skin with alcohol swab
2- Insert VeinSpy™ into the disposable sleeve and switch ON
3- Move the VeinSpy™ across and forth to get a clear view of the specific vein
4- After visualization of vein move the device so that needle can be inserted easily
5- Gently press the VeinSpy™ on the vein, through the open end of VeinSpy™ insert needle into the vein
Technical Specifications
Number of LED’s: 22 orange, 8 red
Functional opening: 17 mm
Viewing diameter: 33 mm
Rechargeable battery: lithium ion, 3.7V, 1150mah
Battery charger: 110-240 V AC input, 5V DC output 750mA
Battery backup: 1½ hours continuous use
Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 22.7 mm
Weight: 90 g

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