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Video Laryngoscope



The King Vision® video laryngoscope is especially designed to visualize, in the most reliable way, the airways for routine and difficult intubations.

The reusable display is lightweight, non-glare, smudge-proof, packaged in a protective foam case and is battery operated.
The blades are disposable and are individually packaged, eliminating cross contamination risks.

Can be used continuously about 90 min., making it highly portable. Video output compatible with external monitor and recording devices.

Two blade types: a standard blade that requires the use of a stylet to direct the ET tube and a channeled blade where you can guide the ET tube with the blade.

Made in the U.S.A.
Standard accessories
Vision display
1 reusable video adapter for aBlades size 3
4 channeled vision aBlades – size 3
2 standard vision aBlades – size 3
3 AAA batteries

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