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Vulva-Casts showing antomical differences”


Product information “Vulva-Casts showing antomical differences”
All vulva casts are actual casts of real women. A life-like appearance is the result. The outer female anatomy is represented with its finest details and structures. Detailed and surprisingly authentic these casts show smallest wrinkles, and in some casts even the orifice of urethra and vagina. Carefully colored the differences of inner and outer labia as well as surrounding skin are clearly visible. Because each woman is different, this product represents a unique collection of 19 vulva casts.


Perfect for sex education

Whoever is interested in female anatomy often finds in books schematic drawings that differ a lot from the real anatomy. This often causes confusion, uncertainty and even causes shame in young women and girls who do not have the „standard“ anatomy as shown in books. Each cast shows in detail that each vulva is something unique and individual. Therefor this collection is a great tool for sexual education. Also boys and men learn a lot about different shapes in female anatomy and what is considered „normal“. Girls and women make a comforting experience that for example the size of labia is just a normal whim of nature.

Skin friendly Silicon material

The vulva casts are made of high grade medical silicone, non-toxic, authentically soft and hygienic to clean. Because of this they are perfect for use in classrooms and information centers. Especially by comparing different shapes of anatomy this collection creates better confidence dealing with womens own sexuality.

Size: each 11 x 8 cm, Weight: each 0.11 kg

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