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Wall Desktop Air Quality Monitor with C02 Detector


Thanks to its LCD screen, this monitor will be a key element for your business, since it allows controlling the CO2 concentration in real time, as well as the relative humidity and temperature.

A business equipped with this air quality monitor in your facilities will make your clients and / or workers feel the reliability of being in a safe environment and concerned about the health of everybody.

Different indicative colors depending on the concentration of CO2 in the environment for an easy use:

  • Green: 400ppm to 1000ppm
  • Orange: 1001ppm to 2000ppm
  • Yellow: 2001ppm to 3000ppm
  • Red: 30001ppm to 5000ppm

You can also set up an alarm to be warned when the defined CO2 values are reached to ventilate the environment and take the appropriate measures to achieve an optimal and safe environment again.

It works with a rechargeable battery via USB cable.

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