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XCUBEFAN Radiology Cube Phantom, 30mm size”



Product information “XCUBEFAN Radiology Cube Phantom, 30mm size”
Designed for beginners to provide better understanding of the special characteristics seen in radiology imaging. The XCUBEFAN is a compact yet practical tool to educate learners on usage of x-ray equipment and its impact on the interpretation of diagnostics images. Learners can experience a large range of practice by stacking and repositioning different blocks with varied radiodensities. The black box is designed for practice, whilst the clear box facilitates visual explanation for instructors. There are three types of cubes, orange with CT value appr. 0 and density 1,06, yellow with CT value appr. 1000 and density 1,21 and blue with CT value appr. 500 and density 1,4.

30mm Cube Set (2x2x2 cubes, three types, total 15 cubes, two boxes)

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