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Advanced Birthing Torso”



Product information “Advanced Birthing Torso”
Versatile, lightweight birthing torso allows you to simulate every stage of the birthing process. Simulator is ideal for practicing Leopold maneuvers. Practice vaginal breech deliveries and free the legs using the Pinard maneuver. Includes torso, birthing baby, and newborn baby.

Audible maternal and newborn heart sounds from 0-220 BPM
Audible newborn cries, grunting, and stridor
Bladder catheterization with variable urinary flow — use conventional urinary bladder to reduce bladder size
Clamp placement and umbilical cutting
Delivery of placenta — position placenta to simulate placenta previa
Fetal palpation through transparent or abdominal cover
Insertion of medication through rectum
Use blood concentrate to simulate postpartum bleeding
Uterine massage
Vacuum assisted or forceps deliveries with or without abdominal cover
Vertex or breech deliveries

Birthing torso includes:
Blood collection stand with squeeze bulb to regulate pressure
Directions for use
Distensible cervices (3)
Nonsterile urinary catheter (not for human use)
Non-latex gloves (2 pairs)
Placentas with removable fragments (2)
Postpartum hemorrhage fluid
Silicone lubricant
Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
Simulated blood concentrate
Simulated urine concentrate
Stethoscopes — 1 conventional and 1 Pinard
Storage bag
Talcum powder
Suction bulb

Birthing baby includes:
Connectors (2)
Placentas with removable fragments (2)
Skull with fontanelles
Soft face skin that fits over head for vacuum or forceps delivery
Umbilical clips (2)
Umbilical cords (4)

Newborn baby features:
Head cap to minimize hypothermia
Squeeze bulb for operating umbilical pulse
Umbilical catheterization

Weight: 18 kg

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