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Noelle Maternal Birthing Simulator



Rural communities are experiencing a shortage of healthcare providers. Patient quality of care and outcomes are declining as a result. And to make matters worse, providers entering the rural workforce are facing an uphill struggle against the limited access to the clinical experiences and preceptor support critical to professional development. Simulation-based training provides an opportunity to facilitate a wide range of clinical learning experiences, from routine checkups to complex emergency care. With such powerful tools, providers from nearly all disciplines can safely train and hone clinical skills, improving critical thinking, teamwork, and the confidence needed to provide effective patient care.

The NOELLE® series offers an effective training solution to prepare students and professionals for the routine and emergency labor and delivery scenarios seen in the real world. NOELLE allows participants to improve skills in assessment, management, and teamwork.






Product information “Noelle Maternal Birthing Simulator”
Designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.

Simulator features include:
full-size articulating female manikin
intubatable airway with chest rise
IV arm for meds/uids
removable stomach cover
practice Leopold maneuvers
multiple foetal heart sounds
automatic birthing system
measure head descent and cervical dilation
multiple placenta locations
replaceable dilating cervices
one articulating birthing baby with placenta

Birthing Simulator like R17810, but without the additional resuscitation baby.

Weight: 46 kg

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