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Aged Simulation Suit II, size M (155 – 165cm)



In order to better understand your patients, walk a mile in their shoes. There is no better way to create empathy than to actually experience the physical challenges aging patients face on a daily basis.

Easy to put on and adjust! The body suit is worn like an overall, the different restrictions can easily be adjusted to change the range of motion, and even simulate hemiparesis.Easy to put on and take off, ensuring smooth practice

1. Special goggles (1 pair)
2. Ear plugs (40 pieces)
3. Gloves (10 pairs)
4. Weights ankle (4 pieces)
5. Weights wrist (4 pieces
6. Cane (1 piece)
7. Storage bag (1 piece)
8. Belt cover (100 pieces)

1. Fit-on:
It takes only about 3 minutes to put on the suit. This body suit type gear worn like overalls allows students to experience restrictions in physical functions with little loss of time.

2. Adjustment:
The hip angle and motion ranges of various parts of the body can be adjusted with belts.
Age-associated changes, paralysis of one side of the body, and hemiplegia can also be experienced.

3. Restriction Belt:
Newly developed neck/elbow/knee control belts restrict motion ranges. The wearer can experience
the fear of not being able to promptly cope with danger.

The product designed on the basis of data allows the wearer to experience physical changes due to aging in terms of vision, hearing, grip strength, and physical abilities.

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