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TERi Androgynous Geriatric Patient Care Trainer



Product information “TERi Androgynous Geriatric Patient Care Trainer”
A comprehensive male/female elderly patient care trainer for medical simulation. Evolving from the GERi/KERi full body manikins, it has a more realistic look and feel accurately representing the human
anatomy. Weight is distributed to represent a real patient for lifting and carrying.


Passive Range of Motion:
Seating, Laying, Finger/Toe manipulation with no effort from Patient.

Enhanced Aestethics:
soft silicone skin with noticeable normal and cancerous skin moles, Stage 1 sacral ulcer and reddened skin folds.

Intravenous Injection, Subcutaneous Injection Sites: (optional)
Multiple locations equipped with standard arm, IM injection pads.

Grooming & Daily Living Assistance:
bathing, clothing changes, denture placement/removal, Hearing aid placement/removal, Eye irrigation & optic drops, ostomy & urinary catheter care, hair care

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