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Auscultation simulator MATT, paediatric



Product information “Auscultation simulator MATT, paediatric”
Matt is a highly effective simulator for learning cardiac, pulmonary and abdominal auscultation. The extensive sound library enables cost and time efficiency in your training programs. With MATT, your trainees learn how to evaluate auscultation results quickly and easily. The sound library complies with the guidelines of the American Thoracic Society and includes 39 heart, 12 lung and 14 abdominal sounds. It has anterior and posterior auscultation points, all auscultation points can be marked with LEDs. The auscultation sounds can be transmitted to external loudspeakers. MATT is compatible with standard stethoscopes. Vary the difficulty of the diagnosis: from clear clinical findings to the detection of quiet noises.

With the flexible control tablet you can:

✓ Activate or deactivate the LED marking
of the auscultation points individually.
✓ Adjust the volume and intensity of the tones.
✓ adjust the HR and RR for the played tones.
✓ Compare sound recordings.

The simulator software enables auscultation in four relevant areas: heart, lung (anterior & posterior) and abdominal quadrants. Two different sounds can be compared within an auscultation range. ECG and respiratory rate graphs are also displayed. The breathing and heart rate are adjustable. Representation of sound, EKG and respiratory rate.

Cardiac auscultation

✓ Normal heart sound
✓ Split first heart sound
✓ Split second heart sound
✓ Third heart sound (gallop)
✓ Fourth heart sound (gallop)
✓ Functional murmur
✓ Diastolic murmur
✓ Opening snap
✓ Holosystolic murmur
✓ Early systolic murmur
✓ Mid-systolic murmur
✓ Continuous murmur
✓ Austin Flint murmur
✓ Pericardial rub
✓ Graham Steell’s murmur
✓ Aortic valve regurgitation
✓ Aortic valve stenosis
✓ Aortic stenosis and regurgitation
✓ Mitral valve regurgitation
✓ Mitral valve stenosis

Auscultation of lungs (anterior & posterior)

✓ Bronchial respiration
✓ Vesicular respiration
✓ Diminished vesicular respiration
✓ Coarse crackles
✓ Fine crackles
✓ Wheezes
✓ Rhonchi
✓ Stridor
✓ Pleural friction rub
✓ Pneumonia
✓ Asthma
✓ Pneumothorax

Abdomen auscultation

✓ Normal bowel sound
✓ Hypoactive sounds
✓ Borborygmus
✓ Capotement
✓ Peritoneal friction rub
✓ Normal bowel sound with bruits
✓ Irritable bowel syndrome
✓ Diarrhea
✓ Bruits due to renal arteries stenosis
✓ Constipation
✓ Ulcerative colitis
✓ Crohn’s disease
✓ Paralytic ileus

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