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Baby-care doll, male”



Product information “Baby-care doll, male”
A highly realistic replica of a neonate. The skin feels very natural via the use of a special synthetic material. Weighting corresponds to the normal conditions. The anterior and posterior fontanels in addition to the acuate and sagittal sutures are carefully reproduced and palpable. The head tips backwards when not held correctly. The vertebral column and the mobile testicles are palpable. The nasal cavity, oral cavity and stomach can be aspirated. Measurement of body temperature can be practised in the 5 cm deep anal canal. Owing to the completely stitch-free manufacture, the model is absolutely watertight and can be safely used for bathing practice. The residual umbilical cord allows demonstration and practice of umbilical care and can be simply removed. Use for demonstration of physiotherapeutic exercises (Vojta, Bobath) is very readily possible owing to the flexible arms and legs. General examinations, such as measurements for example, can of course be performed. Putting on nappies and dressing can also be practised. Supplied in a storage bag.
Size: 48 cm, head circumference: 33 cm, weight: 3 kg

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