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Baby Scales MBD/5 units

Original price was: €999.00.Current price is: €599.00.


modern design
Large, ergonomically-optimised lying surface for safe weighing of infants
Robust plastic tray
For easy and hygienic cleaning
Particularly flat and lightweight construction, so it is easy to transport and store
Secure and non-slip positioning with height-adjustable rubber feet
Easy to use
Data hold function: for easy reading of the weight display
Special function for neonatology centres: Difference function for calculating the weight gain before and after feeding
Internal weight memory for a weight value
Integrated AUTO-OFF function to preserve the batteries
Weight displayed in kg or lb
Note: The models are only delivered in a set of 5 units. i.e. the price given in the table refers to a delivery of 5 items. Cannot be delivered individually.

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