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25 Microscope Slides.

1(d). Sphaerotilus natans, bacteria from putrid water 2(d). Cosmarium, desmid 3(c). Chlamydomonas, biflagellate algae 4(c). Cladophora, green alga, branched filaments 5(c). Oedogonium, green alga, simple filaments 6(c). Enteromorpha, seaweed, inflated narrow frond w.m. 7(c). Laminaria saccharina, thallus with sporangia t.s. 8(d). Polysiphonia, marine red alga, antheridia 9(d). Polysiphonia, cystocarps 10(d). Polysiphonia, tetraspores 11(d). Batrachospermum, fresh water red alga 12(d). Exoascus pruni (Taphrina), plum pockets, infected tissue t.s. 13(d). Erysiphe pannosa, rose mildew, conidia t.s. 14(c). Tuber rufum, truffle, t.s. of fruiting body 15(c). Venturia pirinum (Fusicladium), pear scab, t.s. with conidia 16(c). Rhytisma acerinum, tar-spot of maple, leaf with sclerotia t.s. 17(c). Botrytis allii, grey mold of onions, infected tissue t.s. 18(d). Scleroderma vulgare, young fruiting body t.s. 19(e). Mnium, moss, antheridia l.s 20(e). Mnium, moss, archegonia l.s. 21(d). Psilotum, primitive fern, stem and leaflets t.s. 22(e). Lycopodium, clubmoss, sporophyll with spores l.s. 23(c). Lycopodium, stem with stele t.s. 24(c). Equisetum, horse tail, stem t.s. 25(c). Salvinia natans, water fern, sporocarp t.s.

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