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EASI Empathic Age Simulator”



Product information “EASI Empathic Age Simulator”
This simulator was developed as a result of a long term research about age simulation. This suit imparts the main effects of aging, enabling you to change your point of view to reach your educational goals. EASI will help you if you work with aged people and you want to understand their view of the world around them. Or if you want to understand the needs of your aged customers and consider them in your business.
It provides:
Increased gravity experience because of reduced muscle strength because of aging (physiological after an age of 30)
Changes in sense recognition especially in the fields of vision and hearing as well as ability in grasping and walking
Progressive limitation of movement especially in the area of spine as well as shoulder and hip area.
The EASI Empathic Age Simulator consists of:
A visor with exchangeable simulation foils (cataract, glaucoma and ARMD). Foils can be exchanges quick and easy by magnetic system.
Weighted vest and shorts, adjustable to size and grade of handicap.
Weighted shoes and gloves, size adjustable
Modular rubber connections between head and trunk as well as arms and trunk. Adjustable to grade of handicap.
Rugged trolley bag for transport and storage
Instructions for use of the simulator
Hemiparesis – module under development, will be available as an option soon.

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