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Educational general biology set


25 Slides.

1(e) Amoeba proteus, w.m. showing nucleus and pseudopodia 2(e) Hydra, w.m. extended specimen to show foot, body, mouth, and tentacles 3(c) Lumbricus, earthworm, typical t.s. back of clitellum showing muscular wall, intestine, typhlosole, nephridia etc. 4(c) Daphnia and Cyclops, small crustaceans from fresh water 5(d) Musca domestica, house fly, head and mouth parts (proboscis) w.m 6(b) Musca domestica, leg with clinging pads (pulvilli) 7(c) Apis mellifica, honey bee, anterior and posterior wing.

Histology of Man and Mammals:
8(c) Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth 9(d) Striated muscle, l.s. showing nuclei and striations 10(d) Compact bone, t.s. special stained for cells, lamellae, and canaliculi 11(d)Human scalp, vertical section showing l.s. of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, epidermis 12(c) Human blood smear, stained for red and white corpuscles.

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